Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle "DEMO"

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Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle "DEMO"
Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle "DEMO"

    Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle "DEMO"


    You have never been this close to your horseclose to your horse


    Low profile, stable and close with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for your horse and improved blood flow to their muscles.

    Wither freedom and the soft dynamic air cushioning ensures your horse has a natural and confident frame 
over the jump.

    Experience your horse’s endurance, power and agility when they are mobilised with full range of movement, allowing you and your horse to perform in perfect synergy.

    Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle Synergy Panel Detail

    Sweet Spot

    Effortlessly locates you in a neutral position, poised for take-off in perfect alignment with a seamless ultra-narrow and close contact. Simply the ultimate jump seat!

    Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle Sweet Spot Detail

    Mono Flap

    Ultra-sensitive connection. The streamlined, yet heavy-duty girth points that run seamlessly through the mono flap, ergonomic shaping of the stirrup bar and channel for your stirrup leathers ensure zero bulk under your leg. Everything works together to make the saddle disappear and bring your horse into focus.

    Bates Advanta Eventing Saddle Mono Flap Detail

    Engineered for competitive ADVANTAge

    1. Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar
    2. EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution
    3. Wither Freedom
    4. Forward cut mono flap
    5. SynergyPanel™
    6. Streamlined girth points
    7. SweetSpot
    8. CAIR® Cushion System
    9. Recessed stirrup channel
    10. FlexiContourbloc
    11. Grippy reinforcement
    CAIR® Cushion System and EASY CHANGE® Fit Solution

    The CAIR Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution offer the highest flexibility in achieving a customised fit, ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind.

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