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RAMBOŽ Micklem Multibridle
RAMBOŽ Micklem Multibridle

    RAMBOŽ Micklem Multibridle

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    RAMBOŽ MICKLEM MULTIBRIDLE Winner of the innovation award at beta international 2008

    Designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse's skull. The most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented. Invented by International coach and best selling author William Micklem, the RamboŽ

    The RamboŽ MICKLEM MULTIBRIDLE is three main pieces of equipment in one.

  • 1. A BRIDLE (including integral noseband)
  • 3. A BITLESS BRIDLE (3 alternatives)

    Also featuring our unique tongue protection system, effective for so many horses, and having the added value of use as a headcollar.

    BRIDLE AND LUNGE CAVESSON Horses love the RamboŽ Micklem Multibridle because it is the first bridle or lunge cavesson that is designed from the shape of the skull itself, instead of just from the outward appearance of the head. Therefore this prevents the damage and discomfort that is frequently caused, both to the facial nerves and the sensitive tissues lining the cheeks inside the mouth, by tight fitting cavesson and flash nosebands and many traditional bitless bridles and lunge cavessons. So say goodbye to the huge problems caused by the projecting molar teeth of the upper jaw, say goodbye to discomfort on the poll, and say goodbye to wasting money on unused bridleware.

    Tongue Protection Clip Use the clips to join the bit to the side rings and you have a unique tongue protection system. So many horses fight the rein contact and try to put the tongue over the bit because of excessive tongue pressure and this solution is so simple and effective.

    Lunge Cavesson The bridle can be used as a classical lunge cavesson by simply attaching a lunge line to the ring provided on the nose piece.

    Headpiece The headpiece is padded and shaped so that it has a large bearing surface over the poll, giving immediate relief to many horses.

    Bitless bridle There are three alternative bitless bridles, from mild to strong, so there will be one that suits your horse, and they all avoid the extreme damage to the molar teeth caused by standard bitless bridles. The end result is the best bridle, the best lunge cavesson and best bitless bridle you will have ever used - without compromise! (Reins not included)

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