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Myler Bit Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle

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Myler Bit Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle
Myler Bit Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle

    Myler Bit Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle

    All bits are FEI & USA Equestrian Approved

    Myler Comfort Snaffles
    Right from the start of training, the Myler Bitting System
    conveys your commands more effectively by "going soft"
    on your horse's mouth. With a special "no-pinch" barrel
    and curved mouthpiece that applies firm pressure—not
    pain—on the tongue, the Comfort Snaffle gives you and
    your horse a first taste of the superior communication at
    all levels of training that only Myler provides.

    Unlike traditional snaffles, the Comfort Snaffle features
    a free-rotating barrel and curved mouthpiece specially
    designed not to pinch the center of the horse's tongue
    avoiding pain and discomfort.The Myler Comfort Snaffle
    Wide Barrel Mouthpiece is a replacement for a regular
    nutcracker-like snaffle or Bristol-type mouthpiece.


  • Design: Curved Mouthpiece with 1 1/8" jointed center barrel.
  • Myler Level: One
  • Stainless Steel Mouth with Copper Inlay (unless othewise indicated)

    Available Styles

  • Cheeks: 3" Loose Ring, English D, Eggbutt
  • Sweet Iron Mouth available on 5" Loose Ring

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