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Frank Baines Sequence Grip New Dressage Saddle 17" M

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Frank Baines Sequence Grip New Dressage Saddle 17" M
Frank Baines Sequence Grip New Dressage Saddle 17" M

    Frank Baines Sequence Grip New Dressage Saddle 17" M

    Black w/ Silver welting and Sticky fabric


    The Sequence saddle forms part of our new luxury Symphony Collection and has been developed for the Dressage discipline. We have taken core design elements from our most popular Dressage saddles and incorporated additional enhancements to ensure the rider remains in the correct seating position whilst working in harmony with the horse. The Sequence saddle delivers exceptional performance within a modern design.

    We have created a hybrid tree which is a combination of our two most popular Dressage trees resulting in the Sequence.

    A Laminated Beech wood tree with a square cantle and narrow twist is suited to warm blooded horses with flatter backs.

    Fitted with our new short leg wool flocked panel which is Velcro attached for easy adjustment and a wide gullet to minimise pressure on the horse’s spine.

    A padded covered flap gives extra rider comfort with a recess to allow the stirrup leather to run flush.

    A large, full-length exterior block with Nubuck or IGS Fabric (Intelligent Grip System) to minimise rider movement, offering extra stability and maintaining of position.

    A covered and padded cut-away skirt to cushion the thigh from the stirrup leather buckle thus enabling the block to be positioned higher giving more stability in the upper thigh.

    An additional insert in the seat of either Nubuck or IGS Fabric (Intelligent Grip System) offers customisation.

    Includes a V-Girthing arrangement and point strap.

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