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Equimax Dewormer Paste
Equimax Dewormer Paste

    Equimax Dewormer Paste

    Equimax Gel

    EQUIMAX™ is an FDA-approved, all-in-one dewormer that combines ivermectin and praziquantel to safely and effectively rid horses of all major internal parasites, including tapeworms, in a single dose.

    Approved Uses:

    EQUIMAX (ivermectin/praziquantel) paste is indicated for the treatment and control of the following parasites:

    • Tapeworms, Anoplocephala perfoliata
    • Large strongyles (adults): Strongylus vulgaris (also early forms in blood vessels), S. edentatus (also tissue stages), S. equinus , Triodontophorus spp.
    • Small strongyles, including those resistant to some benzimidazole-class compounds (adults and fourth-stage larvae): Cyathostomum spp., Cylicocyclus spp., Cylicostephanus spp., Cylicodontophorus spp., Habronema muscae
    • Pinworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae): Oxyuris equi
    • Ascarids (adults and third- and fourth-stage larvae): Parascaris equorum
    • Hairworms (adults): Trichostrongylus axei
    • Large-mouth stomach worms (adults): Habronema muscae
    • Bots (oral and gastric stages): Gasterophilus spp.
    • Lungworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae): Dictyocaulus arnfieldi
    • Intestinal threadworms (adults): Strongyloides westeri
    • Summer sores caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous third-stage larvae
    • Dermatitis caused by neck threadworm microfilariae , Onchocerca spp.

    Key Features

    • EQUIMAX is as effective as ivermectin against major parasites, as well as 100% effective against tapeworms, Anoplocephala perfoliata .
    • EQUIMAX can prevent tapeworm-associated colics, due to the control of A. perfoliata .
    • Contains enough smooth, highly palatable and quick-dissolving paste to treat horses up to 1,320 lbs. in a single application.
    • Packaged in an innovative applicator that allows for easier, more accurate dosing.
    • Safe for all horses, including foals, mares*, ponies and breeding stallions.

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