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Herm Sprenger KK-Conrad-Ultra
Herm Sprenger KK-Conrad-Ultra

    Herm Sprenger KK-Conrad-Ultra

    What is so revolutionary about the KK-ULTRA Bits?
    KK-Conrad-ULTRA Bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue! If the human tongue finds a little hole in a tooth it gives the impression that there is huge gap horses are no different. Whilst eating a horse can even filter out small stones from food.

    How have we been able to stimulate the sense of touch to obtain the desired effect?

    • 1. As the palate is narrower than originally assumed the lozenge in the centre was shortened (this results in no pressure being put on the palate).
    • 2. The angle of the link was twisted by 45. This ensures that, when a contact is taken up via the reins, the rounded link rests fully on the tongue without squeezing it.
    • 3. In short, the sense of touch in the tongue is utilised and not abused, enabling clear instructions to be given through the reins.

    Why would my horse prefer the KK-ULTRA Bits?

    In collaboration with SPRENGER, the Veterinary University in Hanover undertook a new project which included measuring the height of the equine palate and the size of cavity where the bit sits. More than 70 horses' heads were analysed after which it was discovered that the interior volume of the mouth was less than had been previously thought the palate was both smaller and very often flatter than originally imagined the space left for a bit is therefore rather limited SPRENGER used this new information for the development of the new KK-Conrad-ULTRA Bits. The aim was to improve the bits by offering a little more control without increasing the severity.

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