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White Mountain Deet Free Horse and Pet Insect Repellent

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White Mountain Deet Free Horse and Pet Insect Repellent
White Mountain Deet Free Horse and Pet Insect Repellent

    White Mountain Deet Free Horse and Pet Insect Repellent

    White Mountain Insect Repellent Horse and Pet.

    WHITE MOUNTAIN HORSE AND PET SPRAY was developed for pet owners who are looking for an economical, DEET-FREE repellent that can be safely applied to all pets, and for multiple applications without the health complications associated with DEET sprays. The large industrial size 24oz bottle will allow for several applications to several pets. Apply to horses and cattle along the stomach and inside the legs to prevent kicking and the resulting sores and possible infection. Spray the head and ears being careful not to get repellent in their eyes and nose. Also spray along the back and other areas where the pet cannot lick it off for protection against horseflies and stable flies. A heavy, soaking application is not necessary, simply spray a light coating and allow it to dry. For smaller pets like dogs and cats it is helpful to comb or brush the hair against the grain while spraying in order to get the repellent down to the skin surface to prevent the pet licking it off. Re-apply after a pet gets soaking wet like a bath, swimming, or in a heavy downpour that may wash away the repellent. The ALL-NATURAL formula is safe for multiple applications and will be non-toxic to the pet. CAUTION; Applying a DEET containing repellent to a pet should never be done. Animal research on the effects of DEET on animals showed that it could cause seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, and behavioral changes. WHITE MOUNTAIN HORSE AND PET SPRAY is the DEET-FREE repellent of choice for Veterinarians, stable owners, dairy farmers, and pet owners across the country and is approved by the USEPA As an extra bonus….This repellent is also safe and EPA approved for human use. An economical way to protect many participants like, Baseball teams…Boy and Girl Scout groups…Outdoor Camping Groups…Large family gatherings…Outdoor weddings, etc. MOM TESTED AND APPROVED SAFE FOR CHILDREN. Always test a small area for possible allergic reaction. THIS IS A CERTIFIED GREEN PRODUCT AND IS ECO FRIENDLY.

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