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Korsteel French Link Boucher Bit

Korsteel French Link Boucher Bit
Korsteel French Link Boucher Bit

    Korsteel French Link Boucher Bit

    Quality Korsteel bit. Quality bits made from the finest materials with a complete line of hardware for every discipline. Depend on Korsteel products for great quality and price.

    The baucher has an eggbutt-like ring at the mouthpiece for the rein, with an upper cheek that has a ring at its end, to which the cheekpieces of the bridle are attached. The mouthpiece does not slide on its ring (which would have put the bit in the gag bit category instead of the snaffle). This bit lies flat against the horse's face, and is quite fixed in the mouth and concentrates pressure on the bars. This bit results in slight poll pressure.

    Advantages: will not be pulled through the mouth.

    Uses: Not a common design, most often seen in eventing, during the dressage or show jumping phase. Also used by dressage riders. May be used in preparation for the curb bit. Is never seen in western riding, where it is illegal for show.

    NOTE: the Baucher is commonly misused in an upside-down position, with the cheek containing the smaller ring hanging below the bit, as if the reins were supposed to attach at that point. However, the small ring on the cheek is intended for attaching the cheekpieces and not the reins. Improper positioning makes the cheek into a short bit shank and behave somewhat like a curb bit without the curb chain. However, this fitting is illegal in competition; it is both illogical and potentially unsafe to use a bit in a manner contrary to its design.

    The french mouthpiece has two joints due to a central link. This link is flat, short and has bone-shaped, rounded corners. Some French link snaffles are not flat, but are rounded in the same manner as the rest of the mouthpiece.

    Action: One of the mildest mouthpieces, the two joints reduces the nutcracker effect which is found in single-jointed bits, and encourage relaxation. Applies pressure to the lips, tongue, and bars of the mouth.

    Use: Commonly seen on snaffles, rather rare in gags, pelhams, or curbs. This is one of the most popular mouthpieces for dressage work. However, it is used in many English-styled disciplines. It is rarely used in the Western-styled disciplines.

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