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Myler Two Ring Combination Bit
Myler Two Ring Combination Bit

    Myler Two Ring Combination Bit

    Design: A hybrid of a ring bit, shank bit and Hackamore. The design features a large center ring for mouthpiece attachment, a top ring for headstall attachment and a bottom ring for rein attachment. The bottom ring is directly attached to the center mouthpiece ring. The mouthpiece slides freely on the center ring until arrested by a “ring stop”. A leather-covered rope noseband and curb strap are linked together and run through two small offset rings on the purchase.

    Function: Automatically disperses or releases direct action and leverage pressures to the horse’s mouth, chin, nose and poll. Light pressure is applied to the mouth as the mouthpiece slides on the ring. After contacting the “ring stop,” the mouthpiece will engage completely and apply more downward pressure. Also, the backward and downward pressure of the noseband and the forward pressure of the curb strap are extremely effective at asking a horse to relax at the poll.

    Usage: Used in both English and Western disciplines.

    Combination bits with three-ring shank and/or rawhide nose are available through special order. Please allow for an additional 2-3 week ship time on special order items.

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