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Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub
Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub

    Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub

    Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub

    Size. Quart

    Surgical Scrub
    Titratable iodine 0.75%
    Active Ingredient(s): Povidone-iodine 7.5%.
    Indications: A cleanser for preoperative and postoperative skin washing. Used routinely, it also aids in the prevention of infection in cuts, scratches, abrasions, and burns. Non-staining to skin, hair and natural fabrics.
    For use on horses, cattle, swine, dogs and cats.
    Directions for Use: Add water to approximately one tablespoon of scrub. Work mixture into a rich lather. Cleanse specific area thoroughly. Rinse with clean water.
    Precaution(s): Avoid storing at excessive heat.
    Caution(s): For external use only. In case of deep or puncture wounds or serious burns, consult a veterinarian. If irritation or infection persists, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

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