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Supracor Therapeutic Honeycomb Hoof Pad

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Supracor Therapeutic Honeycomb Hoof Pad
Supracor Therapeutic Honeycomb Hoof Pad

    Supracor Therapeutic Honeycomb Hoof Pad

    Originally developed for racehorses to protect against bucked shins, this high-performance, shock-absorbing pad is now popular with performance riders worldwide. Durable, lightweight, abrasion resistant and antifungal, the patented Honeycomb Pad heals bruises and protects against other injuries. Designed to work just like the elastic horn tubules inside your horse's hoof, which flex and compress to naturally absorb shock, the pad absorbs 40 times more impact than other leading hoof pads. Its unique, cellular structure distributes weight across the hoof, providing the most impact resistance in the heel area, where the initial shock occurs. The honeycomb air cells flex and compress to absorb impact just like a hoof extension.

    Suggested for:
    Race Horses
    Show Jumpers
    Endurance Riding
    Pleasure Riding
    Mounted Police Horses


    Absorbs 40 times more shock than other pads
    Helps prevent & heal bruises
    Protects against bucked shins & other concussion-related injuries
    Promotes healthy hooves

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