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WintecLite All Purpose D’Lux 17.5" adj

WintecLite All Purpose D’Lux 17.5" adj
WintecLite All Purpose D’Lux 17.5" adj

    WintecLite All Purpose D’Lux 17.5" adj

    Wintec All Purpose CAIR® Cushion System

    Comes with USA Cantle and Black Cantle. This replacement cantle for the WintecLite All Purpose Saddle is a plain black color for a classic plain saddle look. The cantles for this saddle come in several designs that you can switch whenever you want!

    CAIR-ECGS Featuring the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System.

    The NEW WintecLite All Purpose D’Lux is ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines, the new saddles feature hi-tech, durable and weatherproof materials that are extremely soft and comfortable too!


  • •Luxurious, grippy Equi-Suede and long girth points* for superior comfort and close contact
  • •A new ultra soft panel lining ensures superior saddle stability and the ultimate in comfort for your horse
  • •The adjustable Flexibloc® system allows you to tailor your thigh and knee support to improve your comfort and position.
  • •The safety girth point system enables you to use four different girth point positions for additional saddle stability.

  • Return Policy (For all other items besides saddles, and saddles that are past their trial period)

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    One Saddle: $55.00
    Two saddles: $75.00
    Regular shipping rates- $9.95 Shipping on all orders over $100.
    (Regular shipping rates excludes saddles and heavyweight items.)

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