Bates Hunter Jumper

Bates Hunter Jumper
Bates Hunter Jumper

    Bates Hunter Jumper

    World leading performance systems for equine comfort, the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution, maximize your horse’s freedom of movement for natural brilliance in the arena. Your horse will enjoy unsurpassed adaptability for an optimal fit, even weight distribution, a fluid cushioning and the ultimate impact absorption.

    Note: New Bates Hunter Jumper only available in USA

    Bates Hunter Jumper

    Colours Havana Brown Sizes 42cm, 43cm, 44cm, 46cm [16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"]

    Weight 5.6kg (12.7lbs)

    The CAIR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air cushions. CAIR® air cushion technology provides significant performance advantages in the way it distributes the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back. Distributes the rider’s weight: Under the rider’s weight the air cushions continually mould to mirror the horse’s individual conformation and working muscles. This ensures a close, even contact over a much larger weight bearing area and eliminates instances of pressure points. Cushioning the horse’s back: The dynamic nature of air ensures it works in synergy with the horse’s muscles, rather than the horse’s muscles working against a static medium. Additionally, air provides the ultimate shock absorption, reducing instances of trauma to the horse’s muscles in work. Your horse will show a marked improvement in its freedom of movement, expression and self carriage, as the CAIR® Cushion ensures its absolute comfort.

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