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Stubben Genesis D Deluxe 17 31 cm

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Stubben Genesis D Deluxe 17 31 cm
Stubben Genesis D Deluxe 17 31 cm

    Stubben Genesis D Deluxe 17 31 cm

    Stubben Genesis D

    The new 'Genesis' dressage saddle was launched at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen. It has the deep, comfortable seat of the 'Maestoso' range, combined with many new functional and visual details. The panel is modelled on the 'Edelweiss CS de Luxe' jumping saddle. It ensures a good fit on the horse with sufficient room for the spine. The close contact of the rider with the horse is a main feature of the Genesis. It has a short panel rib and layered padded fronts, so that the panel plate lies in an optimum position uniquely close the horse. Because of the saddle's unique short panel rib design, this means the rider will get the greatest close contact achievable (unless you're going bareback), allowing for the most effective use of the aids. We carry the Deluxe version of the Genesis D. The Deluxe versions is fully padded for extra comfort, and also has a dull upper leather in the saddle flap area which offers excellent grip.

  • Color: Black

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