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Saddle Consignment or Trade In

Consign your saddle with us!
We sell new and used saddles every day at our saddle shop! Gain National Exposure In Our Advertising

Why should you sell your saddle with Pelham Saddlery?
We sell saddles every day that our store is open. All of our employees are horse people. We have been in business almost thirty years. Your saddle will be featured in our New Hampshire based English Tack shop open six days a week. Your consigned saddle will be featured on our website. Your saddle will also be put on Pelham Saddlery's YouTube page! We don't charge extra for web photography. Consignment saddles get approximately 14-20 professional photos taken of them for our website. We have a Professional saddle fitter that will take your saddle to saddle fittings to clients looking for your style saddle. Your saddle will be insured both ways any time it is shipped to or from the store for trials.

Here are the details:
Our consignment fee is 24% for saddles listed at over $500. For saddles with a listing price under $500, the consignment fee is 30%. We also offer a program where you only have a 15% commission fee when you put your saddle money on a Pelham Saddlery Gift Card. (This is a great option if you are looking to buy a different saddle or need some tack!)

In order for us to consign your saddle, you must first fill out our online consignment application.

Our web coordinator will then review the application and let you know if we have a market in which to sell your saddle. Any saddle coming in without an authorization will be returned a the owners expense. If you call in, please include the name of the person you spoke with in your paperwork. If the application is approved, you can then ship the saddle insured to:


Pelham Saddlery
PO Box 400
53 Windham Road
Pelham, NH 03076


The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it. We recommend that you pay for a professional detailing of your saddle. Detailing your saddle includes a full cleaning, using specialized tools to polish all silver and buttons, deep conditioning and a redying of the leather back to its original color (if needed). Please send a check made out to Pelham Saddlery for $30 in the box with your consignment saddle. You may provide your credit card number on your consignment form or call us with your credit card number to pay for the detailing once the saddle has arrived at our store. If your saddle is very dirty or the leather is stiff and dry, Pelham Saddlery reserves the right to refuse your saddle for consignment until detailed.

Please note that Pelham Saddlery does check every saddle that is shipped into our store for broken trees and other possible defects that make the saddle unsafe for trial.  In the event that your saddle has a  problem that can be fixed to make it usable again,  we will call you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If the tree is broken or the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you at your expense. You are welcome to call or email to receive a repair quote prior to sending your saddle in for consignment.


For inquiries or questions regarding consigning your saddle, send us an e-mail.

Please enclose a copy of this form with your saddle!

Saddle Trade-In/Consignment Form

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